Agios Epifanios Chapel (Limnatis Village)

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Located just 20 minutes from Limassol, northeast of Limnatis, the ancient chapel of Agios Epifanios stands hidden within a gorge. Its unique location, as well as the antiquity of the church, are both very good reasons to pay a visit to the area.

Though the chapel was almost completely in ruins, it still preserves some remarkable frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries. Due to its historical importance, it was placed under the protection of the Department of Antiquities and in 1969, the damaged sections of the northern and western walls were restored, and the archway rebuilt.

Among the preserved murals, one can discern the image of Our Lady of the Sign among the Archangels, the Holy Hierarchs, Saint Stefanos, Paul the Apostle, Saint Paraskevi, and Saint George. The hill upon which the chapel stands is also home to a beautiful picnic site, which offers panoramic views of the area and an additional reason for visiting.