Agios Demetrios church (Kato Platres)

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In an evergreen location, in the heart of the Troodos Mountain forest, stands the Agios Demetrios Church, one of the buildings you will meet on your way to Platres. Agios Demetrios Church is located in Kato Platres, half hour’s drive from the city of Limassol.

It is the main church of the village, and is thought to have been built in the 18th or 19th century, surrounded by a large yard. It is the second church in the village dedicated to Agios Demetrios, as there is also a smaller one further north, which initially hosted the village’s few residents, until it was turned into a school around 1930.

The large church of Agios Demetrios follows Gothic architectural lines and there is a large mosaic mural at its entrance, with the image of Agios Demetrios. Upon entering, the stone-paved floor will catch your eye, as will the very old and intricately carved wooden icon frame, constructed in 1898, which is a true treasure for the temple.


The church is beautifully decorated with murals of lively colors. It can host up to 200 people, all of whom gather to celebrate on October 26th. The nearby chapel of Agios Demetrios does not follow the ceremonial celebrations of the day, but it is still used for sermons twice a year: on Easter Monday and on December 26th.