Agioi Akindinoi Chapel (Pano Kivides)

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At the main road crossing through Pano Kivides village, in the western Limassol district (leading to Platres and Troodos), the drivers come across a sign leading to one of the most unusual chapels in Cyprus. It is the chapel dedicated to Agioi Akindinoi and it is the only one of its kind on the entire island.

It is a small and humble chapel, built in a land of evergreen, Mediterranean trees, such as carob and olive trees (in fact, a perennial olive tree welcomes you at the chapel’s yard, with a hole on its trunk big enough to hide a grown up person). The stone built chapel is dedicated to the Saints Akindinos, Afthonios, Pegasios, Anembodistos and Elpidoforos.

These 5 Saints were members of the Persian King’s Sabor the Second court, at 355 A.C. When they confessed their faith to Christ, they were arrested and tortured. Their torturers tried to burn them, but, as the legend has it, their prayers to God caused a storm with winds and rain, with put the fire off. This event terrified the Persian King, who, after decapitating Afthonios, he threw the rest in a burning furnace.

There is a large, stone with a narrow passage in the yard, in front of the chapel, know as the "Stone of Agioi Akindinoi". The legend has it, that a believer can pass through this stone.

There is always a great celebration taking place at the chapel on the first Sunday after Easter.