Agia Thekla Chapel (Asomatos)

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A few kilometers west from the center of Limassol, in the rural area bordering with the Akrotiri Salt Lake, there is a deserted chapel in the middle of a large agricultural area.  

This is the chapel dedicated to Agia Thekla. Though it may appear to be in the middle of nowhere, in reality, this little church is a reminder of the local population’s enduring relationship with farming.

The chapel was built in 1974, on the ruins of an older temple. It is the smallest church in the rural community of Asomatos, which had a mixed population of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots until the mid-1960s. After 1974, the village became inhabited by refugees of the invasion, and the Turkish Cypriots were driven away.

The chapel is not generally open for visits, as it is situated in a private property.