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Agia Paraskevi picnic site (Kalo Chorio)

The Limassol Forest, an evergreen lung that stands out, just a few minutes from the city, keeps some wonderful surprises. One of them is the picnic site of Agia Paraskevi, which is found on the left, on the street of Limassol – Kalo Chorio, just 3 km before the village.

It is an amazing location, inside the breezy pine forest, with a spacious area, with facilities suitable for hosting its visitors. Just a few meters before one reaches the picnic site, there is the chapel of Agis Paraskevi, one of the sights of the area.

The place is also embellished by the 2 fountains, made of stone, proving fresh water to the visitors for a few decades now, with crystal water from the mountains, the fountain of Agia Paraskevi and the fountain of Zeus. The wooden benches are arranged on the slopes, under the shadow of the pine trees, while there is also a playground with games, a few steps away. The place also provides toilets and areas for lighting fire.

At the entrance of the site, there are signs for mature trails that will allow you a tour inside the pine forest.

Still, if you wish to enjoy some leisure time, without barbecuing yourself or preparing you meal, Maramenos tavern is located nearby. The tavern is open daily during the summer season, expect on a Mondays, and for the weekend during the winter season, while it serves both lunch and dinner on Sundays (contact number: 25 542 424). 

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