Agia Mavri Bridge (Koilani)

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Near the ancient church of Agia Mavri, in Koilani, one will come across one of the Venetian bridges located in the Limassol countryside, all of which have been declared archeological monuments.

The small, pointed bridge, built with local stone, is situated in a beautiful location of lush greenery. Its arches are framed by plane and oak trees, aromatic shrubs and herbs, while the abundant river flows below during the spring and winter months.

Tip: You will reach the bridge by following an accessible rural road, towards the chapels of Agia Marina and Archangel Michael, after Tria Pefka tavern, near the church of Agia Mavri.

The area, however, is worth visiting in autumn, when the varied vegetation of the area creates a beautiful mosaic of red and gold hues.