Agia Marina Church (Kyperounta)

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Churches generally tend to have a central role in village life, and this is also the case with the Kyperounta community in the mountainous area of Limassol. The picturesque village square has been created around an ancient, stone-built church which stands out not just for its central location, but for its particular architecture and décor.

The three-aisled basilica of Agia Marina with the wooden roof was built in the 13th century and constructed out of the rough, gray rocks found in the Troodos Mountain range, which give the building a special, stately demeanor. Stone and wood make up the main elements of this church’s identity. Its exterior image thus complements the traditional character of the village, while the inside creates a warm and sacred atmosphere.

The two-sided wooden door at the entrance, the elaborate décor around it, the terracotta floor, the beautiful wooden balcony and the striking bell tower with its carved limestone all come together to give this temple a very special aesthetic value.