Scuba Diving at Akrotiri Shipwreck

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The Akrotiri Peninsula, a remote beach located west of Limassol, offers mesmerizing  images and emotions. The partially sunken Mav Achaios ship, which appears halfway out of the water in the bay, gives the area a chilling, almost spooky aura.

The Akrotiri Shipwreck is a site with an interesting history. The ship itself, known as the Mav Achaios, was originally built in 1932. In the 1970s, it was loaded up with wood, which was due to transport on a route towards Saudi Arabia, but a severe storm swept through the ship, which ran aground in the Akrotiri peninsula and sunk, though all the crew made it off the ship alive.

‘Three Stars Shipwreck’
Because of the relatively shallow depth on this coast of the peninsula, it was initially only submerged partially and has remained so to this day. The wreck lies at a depth of up to 10 meters. As such, it stands halfway out of the water, with its rusted shell creating an enchanting image against the backdrop of the sea.

The view is particularly beautiful during sunset, when the entire area becomes bathed in orange and red hues which glow bright against the wreckage and reflect off the water.

The visibility of the area's waters is quite good, and there are often good currents for drift diving. Access is by boat.

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