A well-known bar in Limassol introduces your very own drinks buffet!

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Something special and quite interesting is introduced in the Limassol bar scene by one of the city’s most popular venues. The option for a single drink is no longer the only outlet, since this unique, personal variety of drinks becomes the opportunity for one to explore fine flavors and aromas.

This combination, introduced at Madam bar at Heroes Square, is called “flights” and it is rather popular abroad, in order to emphasize in the qualities of the flavors, without risking over-consumption. This system includes 3 or 4 different options of fine and especially aged whiskeys, from the finest labels out there. The bar has created 3 different menus, combining interesting kinds of drinks, for a different experience, focused in their taste.

Each one of the glasses on the wooden base contains a quantity equal to the half of a regular whiskey glass. This quantity is enough for one to enjoy the rich flavors, the fruity or sweet tones in each one and the different versions of the taste of this famous, Scottish drink. Through this process, even if someone is not 

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