A unique project was designed in Limassol to upgrade a forgotten corner of the countryside!

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An innovative and grand project was designed next to a small village west of Limassol, Prasteio Avdimou, with the aim of creating a new perspective in the area, attracting a young population, and offering new opportunities.

St Nicholas Hills is a project designed by DNP, and is based on the idea of a community with modern amenities and facilities that have the advantage of being just a short distance from the city, as well as the unique privilege of a location offering absolute serenity and a view of the Limassol sea.

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This unique project is based on the creation of an educational community, with a private school for all levels, and a University with modern facilities and student halls, around which will be created a settlement with 400 homes, parks and a bicycle path. The design also provides for shops and essential services, as well as a spa, which will serve the residents.

The project, which has been submitted to the relevant services for the procurement of licenses, aims to revitalize the rural areas and attract new families and individuals.