A stunning video that will make you fall in love with the largest village in Cyprus!

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The largest of Limassol’s mountain villages, situated approximately 45 minutes from Limassol, is a true revelation to anyone who visits. Hiding beautiful surprises and countless charms, Kyperounda is a place that will make you want to visit again and again.

The video created by All About Limassol (the Official Source for Promoting Limassol) offers a tour of the numerous gifts this village has to offer. Following endless filming hours and months of editing, the video brings to life unique images, full of colors and light, picturesque locations and traditional highlights that make for a beautiful setting, one that will make you wish you could be transported to Kyperounda instantly.

Kyperounda has great climate with an abundance of greenery, from the surrounding pine forest to the vineyards and fruit plantations, which add to the natural scenery. People who love a bit of quiet time and enjoy activities within nature will definitely choose to visit the village, as will those who seek out traditional hospitality and the rich flavors of wine and local cuisine. It is thus a suitable option for relaxing trips at any time of the year, thanks to its convenient distance from the city.

One of the largest festivals in Limassol’s countryside takes place each October in Kyperounda and it is a great opportunity for anyone to visit.