A standing garden that brought a fresh of breat air at the Limassol city center!

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A new addition at the historical center of Limassol has drawn some attention these past few weeks, changing the image of the busy Ellados Street. It is a place that has caught people’s eyes and intrigued the curiosity of those passing by, since it has enriched the scenery with a fresh and modern touch in the area.

What most people have noticed is the large, corner windows, which has turned into an alternative, vertical garden, with green plants decorating all of its sides. The corner building, at the juncture of Ellados and Megalou Alexandrou Street, used to be a typical commercial construction, around 30 years old, without any particular character or type, which most people wouldn’t even notice. Its transformation was the result of the decision of a company from Limassol, to move and expand its activities in the historical city center.

The young architect from Limassol, Nicolas Petrides, who designed the renovation, aimed for a functional and modern place that would fit the environment of the historical city center. He avoided any elements of traditional architecture (so that he wouldn’t end up with a bad imitation of the artisanal building in the surrounding streets) created a modern image, with black iron elements and glass surfaces as the main features. The green pots around the place operate as a mean of communication with the surrounding area, complementing the general lack of green plants. At the same time, this feature is also a cover to those inside the building, without cutting any light. The patio created on the right of the building’s entrance, is a different kind of an urban yard, a relaxing area, with an open side to the street.

The interior, divided only by glass surfaces, to allow a view to the street for everyone, is decorated in a modern and artistic manner. After all, Workshop (the company that move to the city center 3 years after its foundation), was created by young people, full of life and creative ideas, whose work fits these vibes perfectly.