A special school of modern architecture in Limassol

Zenon Sierepeklis, a man of plenty of action, both on a professional and a social level, is the creator of a school with unique architecture in Limassol. The building that houses the Elementary School and Kindergarten in Ypsonas, is one of the buildings that manage to harmoniously combine the image with their functional use.

The famous architect has received 2 awards for designing schools, the Primary School of Avgorou, in 1998, and the New Science Building at the English School in Nicosia, in 2007. Elementary and Kindergarten School in Ypsonas, built in 2011, in an area of 1600 square meters, maintains modern lines and bold colors and decorative elements. The feel of the building is related to the creative work carried out at the premises of an educational institution. This results to the school now being one of those buildings that inspire those who use them.

Taking into consideration the directions of elevation curves, the solar path, the direction of the winds and the existing accessing system, the composition is subordinated to the landscape. The school complex enjoys excellent view, and access to air and light. The 2 paths leading to the site, 1 aerial, through a bridge, and 1 on the ground, leading to the ground floor, make the building open and spacious.

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