Saffron: Sensual flavors of the East in a restaurant in Limassol!

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For around 4 years now, a restaurant that no one would expect to, opened its doors and the way to new culinary experiences. At a 20 minute distance from the Limassol city, at Pissouri village, Saffron has managed to make a statement with the seductive flavors of original dishes of the East.

With 2 chefs straight from India, this ethnic restaurant presents to its guests interesting options from their local cuisine, based on traditional recipes and technics, with some modern twists, too, as pleasant surprises. The menu includes colorful, aromatic dishes, ideal for vegetarians, as well as meat options, all served in satisfying portions, in an impressive manner.

The restaurant has its own traditional tandoor cooking method, used in south and central Asia, managed by a true artisan, one of its chefs. On Sundays, during the months November – March, guests can benefit from a rich lunch buffet. On week days it is only open for dinner, even though Monday – Thursday there is a quite interesting option of a Thali tray, with a full traditional meal (starter, main and dessert) for an appealing price.

Address: 64, Ampelonon street, Pissouri village
Contanct number:  96 778 084

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