A renaissance atmosphere on the historic Eleftherias Street in the center of Limassol!

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Eleftherias Street was one of the most crucial hubs of the historical center of Limassol in the 20th century. Shops and workshops brought a sense of liveliness to the street, but when many were later abandoned, the image of the area changed drastically. However, one of the businesses that still remains a point of reference from 1949 to this day has contributed in its own way to the atmosphere of revival that permeates the area.

With the purchase of a former mosque in 2002, the company EKA expanded its premises to a space of 756 square meters, which, as of 2015, began hosting cultural and other events. During the day, it is used as the company’s parking area. However, thanks to its size, the awnings that provide coverage, and its open-air space which offers plenty of light and air, it has become an ideal space for hosting parties, shows, presentations and screenings.

This idea first came into fruition when a dance school show was held there, and the company followed this trend by hosting the annual Tsiknopempti celebrations there, attracting crowds of people from Limassol and beyond. The International Short Film Festival party was also hosted there, aimed at bringing its audience closer to the historical city center.

EKA’s aim is to upgrade the space (a meeting and relaxation area has already been created there) while still maintaining its original features. Thus, the space will still be reminiscent of the original character of the area, while creating the conditions that will allow it to become a functional part of the new era. After all, the street is now home to restaurants and bars, as well as traditional coffee shops, architectural offices and exhibition halls, all of which work harmoniously together to create a bridge between the old and the new.