A rare wedding feast delicacy can now be enjoyed daily in Limassol!

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Some of the most unique flavors of traditional Cypriot cuisine are associated with moments of celebration, as people have always complemented their joys with food and drink. ‘Resi’ is one such delicacy that was once only available at weddings. Today, it can be enjoyed daily in Limassol.  

Making ‘resi’ is a time-consuming endeavor. The meat and wheat are simmered together in large cauldrons, which really brings out their flavors. This is why this dish was not so readily available, until it became a steady, daily presence on the menu of a local tavern in Limassol.  

Located on the Armenochori hill, just a few minutes out of the city, Agios Epiktitos tavern offers visitors a taste of the island’s traditional celebratory meals. ‘Resi’ porridge, warm halloumi, fresh ‘koupepia,’ and stuffed zucchini flowers are just some of the typical delicacies that are sure to evoke memories from the past.

Though ‘resi’ is the more complex and difficult to prepare item on the menu, taste and mastery are important tools for the preparation of all dishes, making sure that the vine leaves are cooked and the zucchini flowers stuffed properly. A good knowledge of traditional flavors is key to choosing fresh meat, but also fresh, goats milk halloumi from local providers, which complement the feast of a celebratory dinner.