A rare photo from a hotspot in the 1960s linking 3 of Limassol's generations!

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For more than 50 years, this characteristic spot on the Limassol seafront has been a point of reference, entertaining people from Limassol and beyond. This rare photo from the 1960s proves this to be true, and brings those memories back to life.

The seaside entertainment venue called ‘Castella’ was one of the most popular seaside venues operating in Limassol during the second half of the 20th century. Located on the coast of Agios Tychon village, this place had been a main attraction for thousands of visitors of all ages, during both day and night. The wooden dock in the sea, right in front of the venue, made it a popular destination for diving and fun in the water, especially for kids.

Many still have beautiful memories from ‘Castella’, especially from summer evenings featuring music. The characteristic Juke Box would fill the air with melodies that would reach all the way down to the wooden dock. After several decades, the place was sold to the state and was then turned into a kiosk by the Community Council of Agios Tychon. Still, the identity that ‘Castella’ gave to this area remained unchanged, and so, another entertainment venue called ‘Drops’ opened there after some time, and not long after, one of the most popular beach bars in Limassol, La Isla followed, which is still open today.


Thus, ‘Castella’ and other similar venues came together to form this entire area as a point of reference, entertaining people from Limassol and beyond, for more than 50 years.

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