A new glamorous hall opens the doors of beauty to all of Limassol's people!

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Fact 1: For years now, quality products and beauty items are no luxury. Fact 2: There are many companies and brands that offer exceptional items, without having to empty your wallet. Fact 3: A new beauty destination in Limassol brings together some of the most well-known of these brands in an impressive collection of quality items.

Most importantly, however, the new Hall of Beauty store, which recently opened its doors to the people, has an "army" of specialists in grooming and makeup, who will be by your side in every step, for you to make the best choices. And it is certainly difficult to make one, when you have to choose between Gosh, Max Factor, Victoria's Secret, Spa Pharma, Mineralium, W7, as well as the new cosmetics brand arrival, Bronx, from abroad.

For those who are very fast and lucky, the store has an interesting collection of brand names on perfumes, which are offered with a 25% discount as long as there is stock available. Makeup tools and hair care products are also offered from high quality companies. But for those interested in a real, professional makeup and special experience, the staff of the Hall of Beauty is available for appointments in order to achieve the perfect look for those moments that count the most.

The Hall of Beauty will find in 13 & 15 Afxentiou Street, Ide Ioannou Court 4003, Mesa Yitonia.

Contact Number: 25 335 333

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