A huge cruise ship is awaiting ashore in Limassol!

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Wooden floors, white railings and stairs, decks with views to the open sea. An alternative ‘cruise ship’ in Limassol, becomes the alternative way for someone to ‘travel’ with their thoughts, staying still ashore.

This special construction, part of a unique architectural project, the Limassol Port Passengers’ Terminal, aims to do this exact thing: harmoniously join the sea and the shore, creating representations of the life on a ship, for those standing on solid land. Even though the main role of a Passengers’ Terminal is to receive passengers travelling from and to Limassol, the building is thus designed to be able to host guests during the entire year and not just the months during which the cruise ships arrive. Thus, this beautiful balconies and terraces at the Terminal, will be the only thing resembling to a ship, during the low-traffic months.

Out of the 7 in total, oval shells, of which the Terminal consists, the ones numbered 01, 02 and 03 (hosting the arrivals, the customs and the immigration and police department), were designed to host exhibitions, conferences and other activities, which result to a constant flow of visitors and allow the incorporation of part of the city’s life. Additionally to that, the shell 04, which serves for the collection of luggage on its ground floor, has its own restaurant on the first floor, as well as a terrace with a skybar on the roof, allowing uninterrupted, panoramic views to the Limassol city, the harbour and the Mediterranean sea.