A famous Limassol beach long before the lounges and the beach bars!

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A coast about 8 kilometers long, west to the Limassol city, has been for decades quite a popular destination for swimmers. Shallow waters and fine sand have always been the main reasons for someone to choose it for a relaxing environment, safe for the entire family.

The locals would refer to it for years by the name of “Aplostra” and this how the area was registered at the land registry plan, too. The beach that begins at the Limassol Port and spreads for quite a distance within the Akrotiri peninsula, couldn’t have had a different name (απλώνω (aplono  / verb) = spread).

But, since the largest part of the beach is locate within the sovereign area of the British Authorities in Akrotiri, the area did have some fans among the British officers servicing the army. There is a story, actually, about an officer racing with his horse up and down the coast’s kilometers for practice. The horse was called Lady and since it would cover several miles, the name Lady’s Mile gradually became the most popular one after the 1960s.

Even if the Aplostra beach has actually changed a lot since then, with piles of pebbles, soil and salt dividing the coat from the roar, it never stopped being just as famous. Back then, the Limassolians would park in a row, almost on the water of the beach, enjoying some kind of a day time "camping" on the coast, with sandwiches and refreshing watermelon. Today, on the other hand, several restaurants and bars are providing their services to the visitors.

Photo: Andreas Hadjiandonis‎ 

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