A famous Limassol beach long before the lounges and the beach bars!

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A coastline of about 8 km, found west of Limassol city, has been a popular destination for decades, especially during the summer. The crystal-clear waters and fine sand have always been a great advantage of this coast and remain a reference point, even though they have changed a lot though the years.

The coast that starts from the Limassol port area and reaches up to the village of Akrotiri, was known to the locals as ‘Aplostra’and was listed as such in the Land register of Limassol. Nowadays, it is known as Lady's Mile, taking its name after the horse of a British officer who used to gallop along the coast.

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Regardless of the name, the people of Limassol (residents or not) would go jaunting there altogether. Back in the day, bicycles were the main means of transportation (since it was possible due to the relatively short distance from the city).

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For swimmers at the time, the excursion at Lady’s Mile felt more like a one-day camping trip on the coast.

During the 1960s and 70s, cars also made their appearance, parking just a few meters away from the sea. Back then, makeshift summer kiosks provided their services at the area.

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Today, modern beach bars and restaurants operate, accommodating more needs in various spots. Despite that, large parts of the coast still remain untouched, for those who simply want to enjoy the view of the endless blue.

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Photos: Limassol Historical Archives, Kapote sti Lemeso, Lemesou Mnimes

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