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VIP Room: A club for the few and selective, who look for a special kind of entertainment!

Unlike most clubs you will find around, this venue is for the few and selective. Its name says so, too, since the VIP Room Gold was created to host the people in a special nightlife entertainment option. Thus, what applies with fine perfumes and small bottles, is also in effect in the case of the moments you can experience at the VIP Room Gold.

With attention to detail and a sense of luxury in its design, VIP Room Gold is a clear choice for those who prefer a stylish boutique club for going out in the evening. With black color being a dominant element in furnishing and the wallpaper of its walls, the image of the club becomes particularly glamorous with glares of golden touches, after its remake for the winter season of 2017. 

This sense of luxury and exclusiveness that its guests enjoy, is enriched with the details of glass and mirrors in the room, as well as the private parking area provided to them. VIP Room Gold is famous for its premium and deluxe alcohol brands, as well as the pioneering cocktails its serves. Theme parties and internationally renowned Djs that make up its schedule each season, complement the unique feeling created for the people who choose it.

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