Zapalo Beach

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The unknown yet most magical beach of Limassol. It is situated at the area beneath the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates. Thus is why it’s called Apollo bay, while it is also known as Tripiti or Zapalo bay.

The gulf is not visible from the main road, since it nestles under this high cliff.. The main characteristic of this isolated beach are the enormous slopes leading down to it, hosting some falcon nests, too. Anyone who wishes to visit this beach should have a vehicle suitable for mountain rides or to be willing to climb down to it. In both cases, it should be with extreme caution and only if strong enough for such an attempt.

A very difficult place to approach, it is indeed rewarding, since it offers great views, the fishing marina and the clear waters of a beautiful beach for swimming. The area was named "Zapalo" after the mining company, which used to extract gravels from the side of the cliffs and sell it for construction purposes.

*Extra tip: The beach, closed and far from any built up area, turning towards the south west, is perfect for night photographers who long for some some night pollution-free shots.

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