Where to go and what to do in Limassol: Carnival and again Carnival with the city moving in samba rhythms!

Limassol here, Limassol here…Are you ready for the craziest carnival? The days before the big day are to be counted by the fingers of one hand. It is the day that thousands and thousands wait for in order to stroll in the streets and to have fun till the next morning.

Have you got enough carnival costumes in your wardrobe? It is certain that you will need many with so many different events that will take place this week. What would you say if you dress as a superhero and celebrate with the birthday girl Evrydiki? Or what would you say if you dress as kitty and you go to listen to the playful Melina Aslanidou? Of course you have the option to dress as a disco king as well as a tamer and match completely with the parties which have circus as a theme.

Many are the choices that you are given this weekend with Limassol holding back impatiently as the anticipation for the climax of the events is growing minute by minute. But of course we refer to the Grand Carnival Parade on Sunday, with 116 participations of chariots and pedestrian teams. Will you miss it?

If you belong in the rare category of people who are not touched by this kind of celebrations, Limassol comes to give you a solution to your problem. Obviously the solution is not to lock yourself at home, but to go out too and have fun. You can spend the night of the parade by listening to jazz or to attend a tasting event, which is clearly ‘chocolaty’. For the bookworms and animal lovers, a special event is hosted, with the incomes of the event given to a homeless animals’ sanctuary.

Whatever the case is, for 1 more week all roads lead to Limassol. Will you dare leaving?

Check here all the events for the week.