Mountains or the seaside? The Weekend options in Limassol!

Either on the mountains or at the seaside, the city or tha villages, for party or fitness, Limassol has options for any preference this Weekend.

Concerts at the countryside, as well as interesting trips, are some of the alternatives, if you hea to the mountains. Those fond of the sea blues, can choose from crazy parties, to snake shows, that will impress anyone.

Either you go north or south, Limassol can be just as breezy and cool. It is up to you to decide…

So, is it mountain…

Traditional, summer feast with one of the greatest voices of the Greek music scene, Katerina Kouka, in Koilani.

Rhythm and melody, with elements of the Eastern Mediterranean traditions at the picturesque Platres village.

The 2-day Beer Phelstival, will make you go crazy in Pelendri village.

An informative trip to the beautiful village of Arsos, for those who want to learn about the village, its life and its people.

… or the seaside?

Limassol fitness festival, at the beach of lady's mile.

Impressive shows with crocodiles, snakes, and other reptiles, by the sea, with the herpologist Yiannis Angeli.

An amazing boat party, with food, dance, music, and of course many dives.

The first 3-day Guaba festival is here and is about to take you off to another level of fun.

The popular Greek performer, Yiannis Ploutarchos, comes for a unique summer evening.