A unique video will make you wish you live in Omodos since... forever!

A village with amazing locations, beautiful people and history that goes back many centuries ago. This is Omodos, one of the most important wine villages in Limassol, which is still now in the center of attention, righteously admired by all. A proof of the charms in this picturesque village, is found in a video that sums up all of its magic.

All About Limassol, the Official Source for Promoting Limassol, was up to explore Omodos to the last corner and discover all of its hidden beauties, as well as properly showcase the ones already unravelled. After an adventure that lasted several days, with endless hours of filming and exploring, as well as talking to locals, this amazing material, which testifies for the diversity of a village full of traditions, as well as modern amenities, was an unformed treasure which was about to become a most impressive touring video for Omodos of today.

The unique results (achieved after months of preparations and editing of thousands of images in video footage and photos, with great attention to detail and the quality of the material), proves how much does this great effort for Limassol is worth. Around 100.000 different people have seen this video, with hundreds of them expressing their admiration through some very enthusiastic somments online, since the images that present the history and the beauties of Omodos village were spread around the world. The admiration of dozens of thousands of people (in Cyprus, Europe, Arabic countries, Russia etc.) may not be a reaction easily inspired, but this beautiful place and its people sure are worth it.

At least 94.499 unique viewers have watched this video about the beautiful wine village in Limassol.

Thousands of enthusiastic reactions of admiration, more than 100 positive comments and hundreds of shares testify for the amazing response this video received.

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