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All along the Limassol coastline, one can find a large variety of fun water activities that are suitable for the whole family.

In addition to specialized water sports, which generally require some sort of specific knowledge, experience, or a particular fitness level, water games can be a good opportunity for individuals to enjoy some fun in the sea. Such activities include rides on inflatable rings or large inflatable ‘sofa’s' or tubes, which can accommodate groups of friends or families.

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Other activities which can provide such moments of joyous fun include rides on pedal boats, which, depending on their size, can accommodate couples or groups for a relaxed ride into open waters, and also come with a slide for some fun splashing in the sea. For the more adventurous, a parasailing ride is an excellent way to enjoy aerial views.

Water sport centers
Enaerios Water Sports: 99 072014
Park Beach Water Sports: 99 665980
Haris FLYME Water Sports: 99 608390
Andreas Water Sports: 99 415444
Poseidonia Water Sports: 99608245
West Water Sports: 99 662780
Crest Water Sports Centre: 25 635101
MORE Water Sports: 99 810818
Columbia Water Sports (Yiannos & Dia): 99 612262
Xenios Water Sports Pissouri Bay: 99 956913
Chris Water Sports: 99 180931
Baywatch Water Sports: 99 550123
Seawolf Water Sports: 99 999925
Windsurfers On Tour: 99 436343
Windymile Extreme Sports Makwind Club: 99 318856