Waterfall of Prasteio Avdimou

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West of the city of Limassol, in an area of unique morphology and distinct natural beauty, a magnificent waterfall creates a one-of-a-kind spectacle. Surrounded by rocky terrain and wild-growing shrubbery, it truly does make for a scene straight out of a fantasy film.

This spot is located south of the community of Prasteio Avdimou, where the hills form distinctive valleys and small canyons. The water, which gushes in abundance following the intense rainfall of the winter months, crashes from the edge of a cliff with great force, turning green the unique ‘crater’ that was formed among the hills of the area.

The sound of the water that crashes from the rock at such great height, the unusual image of the cavity formed below, as well as the panoramic view that visitors can enjoy have all made this waterfall a sight worth taking a tour to this small Limassol village to discover.

Photography lovers will no doubt be doubly rewarded, as they will be able to capture images not seen elsewhere on the island. The location is easily accessible through the main road of Avdimou - Prastio, following the relevant sign.