Waterfall of Prasteio Avdimou

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West of Limassol city, in an area with unique morphology and distinct natural beauty, a magnificent waterfall creates a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

This spot is located south of the community of Prasteio Avdimou, where the hills form distinctive valleys, reminiscing of a fairy tale movie. The water gushes in abundance following the intense rainfall of the winter months and crashes from the edge of a cliff with great force, turning the unique ‘crater’ that was formed green, among the hills of the area.

The sound of the water crashing from the rock at such a great height, the peculiar sight of the crater formed, as well as the panoramic view one can enjoy, make this waterfall a sight worth touring for.

Tip: When you are on the main road to Prasteio, be mindful of the sign that leads to the waterfall.