Water Museum and Centre of Water Awareness Development

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The building of the Museum consists of the old Limassol Water Pumping Station (the so called “Water Machine”), next to the Water Board of Limassol Offices. The old Water Pumping Station has been included in the Protected Historic Buildings List of the Cyprus Department of Town Planning and Housing. It was built in 1925 and was used to pump significant quantities of water from the Garyllis delta aquifer.

The water was then transferred through water pipes to the Limassol Water Tower from where it was distributed to the town of Limassol (Lemesos).It was a pioneering water distribution system not only for Cyprus but also for the whole geographical region around Cyprus.

The visitor has the opportunity to see a number of rare objects and instruments used for pumping; recording the consumption, quality testing and other water related activities.The museum also presents the history of water supply through a very rare and unique collection of photographs and via a short film.

Telephone: 25 830 157
Address: 66 Franklin Roosevelt  str, Limassol


swipe gallery

swipe gallery