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Wakeboarding is one of the easiest water sports. It first made an appearance in the 1980s, and it is very popular on the beaches of Limassol.

The basic premise of wakeboarding involves a person standing and balancing on a specially shaped board by holding on to a rope that is attached a boat that pulls the board along. Technics matter more than physical strength in this sport, which means that anyone from 4 to... 104 years old can do it!

The gentle waves that are usually found on most beaches, mainly during the morning hours, help create the ideal conditions for wakeboarding, especially for beginners. The calmness of the sea allows you to balance more easily on the board, and familiarize yourself with the correct way to handle it.

The early morning hours, when the sea is particularly calm, are ideal for learning this sport.

Wakeboarding learning center
NOA Wake School:
97 762310

Water Sport Centers
Enaerios Water Sports:  99 072014
Park Beach Water Sports: 99 665980
Haris FLYME Water Sports: 99 608390
Andreas Water Sports: 99 415444
Poseidonia Water Sports: 99608245
West Water Sports: 99 662780
Crest Water Sports Centre: 25 635101
MORE Water Sports: 99 810818
Baywatch Water Sports: 99 550123
Columbia Water Sports (Yiannos & Dia): 99 612262
Xenios Water Sports Pissouri Bay: 99 956913
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