VIDEO:The new fountain of Agios Nikolaos roundabout was officially launched!

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The new fountain of Agios Nikolaos roundabout was officially launched in the evening of December 22nd, in a celebratory and festive atmosphere.

The fountain is designed by local Limassol firms ‘M.D.G Architects and Interior Design Office’, and ‘Maranco Water Techniques Ltd’. It consists of 250 nozzles; 6 different water features; 2 running water effects and latest technology waterproof LED lights, making it a focal point both during the day and night. The complete system has 4 different sequences, which will be changed every 3 months, ensuring that the fountain retains its visual originality and interest.

The fountain, which was destructed after a fire on the Christmas décor some years ago, was restored in order to continue being a landmark, as well as an ornament for the Limassol city. The project was implemented by The Prosperity Group, which is also involved in the new Limassol Agora project, a bold and visionary development that will see Limassol’s traditional market (agora) revitalised and renovated in an investment of 3 million euros.