VIDEO: The impressive towers of i-Home are already up in the sky of the eastern Limassol!

A unique architectural creation is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 at the eastern Limassol. The 28 apartments of the stunning i-Home complex will be delivered soon to their tenants, since 70% of them have already been sold.

The construction of the twin towers has reached 65% of the total. Although the picture is far from the final version of the development, the construction already indicates the imposing character and the modern approach of the design. The building was designed by the firm PPA Architects, which had also undertaken the unique Limassol Pearl, which houses the Do Wine & Dine restaurant.

The luxury apartments of i-Home, apart from the distinctive design and the leisure they offer, they also enjoy uninterrupted view of the sea, thanks to the 82 meters high rise of the towers. The apartments have large balconies, roof gardens and roof terraces at different levels, so as to allow for maximum privacy between them.