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VIDEO: A pioneering, impressive project wraps up in Limassol!

With panoramic view in 3 different directions of the Limassol sea, Mount Olympus on Troodos and the hills of Afamis, Laona and Moutti, this impressive project is soon to be launched to the public. It is a pioneering winery, constructed in the famous wine-making village of Omodos.

Situated on a hill overlooking the village, this project stands out both for its size as well as its unique design and facilities. The specially designed reception and lounge areas offer an entirely new approach to the way guests become acquainted with the wine tradition of this area. There are spaces where one can taste wine and relax, which are in direct communication with the areas of wine production, making this taste trip twice as delightful.

Even from its first year of its operation, in 2018, the winery has had its first 3 wine labels awarded in the 11th Cyprus Wine Contest, which can only be characterized as a promising beginning. The winery is part of a larger plan for the village, with an emphasis on the creation of modern dining facilities, which will preserve the identity of the local tradition, architecture and cuisine.


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