VIDEO: The cat that became the star of Enaerios pier!

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Cats are permanent residents at the Limassol seafront. The park, the restaurants and cafes, the boats at the Old Port, these are their natural environment. So, you get to see them strolling around with the air of the ultimate ruler of the area.

Of course, they are used to being around people. If you catch the in a good mood, they may allow you a few strokes or games with them. They also seem to be especially comfortable with cameras, too. Or, at least, this is the case with the cat caught on camera at the Enaerios pier.

With the air of a great star and the breeze through her hair, a cat managed to turn the lights on her and she obviously enjoyed it a lot. Walking down the wooden floor and striking poses in the manner of a model with several kilometers on the runway, the cat did become the center of attention during this Saturday walk at the beach.

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