VIDEO: Music comes out of the sharp rocks on Troodos!

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Close to Chandria and Lagoudera villages, one can come across one of the most unique geological phenomena in Cyprus. At the forest trail of Madari, sharp rocks rising high, produce a unique sound, as if they were a church’s bell.

“Teichia tis Madaris”, as the rocks are called, are projecting majestically like enormous walls, cut into the rock. This sharp, vertical cliffs are the most durable part in the process of erosion that has been going on for millions of years. This impressive creation of nature is a result of the ongoing transformation of the rocks, due to the effect of hydrothermal fluids and their solidification in their transportation channels. If one hits on the rocks, they produce a clear, metallic sound, like the one of a bell.

The area, of course, has several beauties, which one can enjoy, following the trail “Teichia tis Madaris”. There, one comes across rich, forest plantation, while during the spring time, lots of endemic bushes are found there. Among them one finds wild roses (Rosa canina – Rosa chionistrae), the Cypriot cyclamen (Cyclamen cypricum) and Mary’s tears (Arabis purpurea).

Video: ‎Charalambos Papacharalambous‎