VIDEO: Huge ice rink in a sports center of 2500 sq.m. for Limassol

With the name Amathusia, referring to the ancient Limassol which will be close to the area where the ice rink will be located, a unique project is presented on behalf of investors from Russia. It is a sports center to be built in an area of 2500 sq.m. including leisure facilities, such as a restaurant and cafes.

The core of the project will be a huge ice rink, while the building also houses fitness facilities and a ballroom. The project is designed by the architectural firm ECA Architects & Associates in Limassol. Russian investors have shown interest in this development and they are expected to decide on the implementation of the project around the end of February 2017.

The development beyond the uniqueness and striking design also has interesting characteristics as a building, since it follows the pattern of an "inflatable" construction. This means that the construction will be using compressed air which comes through PVC pipes. This means that the air will expand naturally as the temperature rises, reducing the energy needs of the building. In this direction, the building will also make use  of a large scale solar cell installation.