VIDEO: Drone on surveillance patrol, across the Limassol coast to prevent pollution

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An amphibian, flying craft and drone are now used to observe the Limassol coastline, in order to prevent sea pollution. Limassol and Yermasoyia Municipalities, as well as the Community Council of Ayios Tychon, came into an agreement with a drone experts company, aiming to cover the coat’s surveillance both from the sea and the air.

The DJI Inspiration 2 drone, which will be operated by the DJI Cyprus experts, will be able to overlook the coastline up to 6 kilometers from the coast, equipped with a DSL camera, with a 20 mega pixels shooting range and a focus feature allowing x30 zoom.

In addition to that, the amphibian flying craft will be able to alight on the sea surface and collect water samples. The samples will be sent out to an expert lab at the CUT, which will extract the needed results within 24 hours. The patrols will be conducted twice every week, while the drone may need to fly out if urgently needed. The cost will be covered be the Limassol Municipality and the Fishery Department, joined by the Yermasoyia Municipality and Agios Tychon Community Council.