VIDEO: A new club is the new dynamic entry in Limassol’s night life!

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Limassol’s night life is now even richer with a new arrival that wants to make you see your entertainment with a different look. At 76, Makarios Avenue, a renewed, modern venue with impressive decoration now hosts the X – Ray Club.

With its official opening at April 8th 2017, the club is getting ready for a party with strong, mainstream beats, which are merely an introduction to what it is about to follow. With an area capable of hosting up to 300 people, as well as a space suitable for live performances, the club wishes to bring along some new experiences and emotions to its guests.

The club, which opens with a spectacular party with dance and R ‘n’ B beats, as well as some selections from the Greek music scene, promises live evenings with several artists from Cyprus, Greece and more. The club will remain open during the entire year, becoming a permanent option at the popular avenue of Limassol.

Address: 76, Makarios Avenue (next to the fire station)
Contact number: 99 999 889

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