8 venues to party in during your summer nights in Limassol!

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There is a reason Limassol is considered to be the city of entertainment. With unique clubs and bars attracting guests from the city itself, from other cities in Cyprus and even from countries abroad, it has many nightlife options to offer.

Being a seaside city, which is quite busy during the summer months, the options you can choose from are even more tempting. Either larger and impressive, or smaller and cozy ones, these venues allow you to choose according you own mood at each moment.

Check out the list below and get ready for some summer party times in Limassol.

1. Breeze Summer Club


Located at the seaside, with an impressive image, the first summer club that opened in Limassol still holds the title of one of the best summer nightlife venues in Cyprus. Hosting great parties, with Greek and international music hits, as well as live performances by popular artists, this club is a most popular destination in the city.

Address: 98, Georgiou I Avenue, Potamos Yermasoyias
Contact number: 70005868


2. Cote D’ Azur

It is a venue with the atmosphere of a yacht sailing in the open sea, decorated in blue and white, with the staff dressed accordingly, too. This dance bar offers great nights by the sea, with amazing cocktails and loud music, until dawn.

Address: 88, Georgiou I Avenue, Potamos Yermasoyias
Contact number: 70005008

3. Columbia Beach

An impressive new addition to the city’s life, Columbia Beach has managed to combine successfully the options of a top beach bar, a gourmet restaurant and a pool bar with amazing parties. Hosting theme nights, mainly with international, dance music, it is a popular entertainment destination.

Address: 6, Promachon Eleftherias Avenue, Agios Athanasios
Contact number: 25 321 500

4. Bedroom Bar

With an impressive view to the sea and island vibes all over the place, as well as a décor with references to exotic paradises, Bedroom Bar is a unique option in the city’s nightlife. Evenings with chilled cocktails, theme parties and loud music are the main elements of the entertainment provided in this venue, until 2 am.

Address: Address: 5, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 70005868

5. Guaba Beach Bar


One of the best beach bars in the world, it has accomplished to be a destination for people of any age, who love dance music and crazy parties, in a cool environment, where everybody seems to belong. Colorful and vibrant, Guaba hosts each summer some of the most popular international electronic music Djs.

Address: 7 Amathountos street
Contact number: 96 340 000

6. La Isla

Right next to the sea, this beach bar is an interesting option for summer nights out, too, hosting some evenings with loud music. Offering options for dining and drinks, it is also a popular destination for dancing and partying, as well.

Address: 17, Leoforos Amathountos, Ayios Tychonas
Contact number: 25 310 310

7. Marina Breeze

The only floating lounge bar at the Limassol Marina, gets into the party mood, with loud music during the Weekend. On Friday and Saturday evening, after a delicious dinner, you can hit the dancefloor, moving along some favorite tunes of the international music scene.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 230 

8. Rumours Bar

A venue that has been favorited throughout the day, has become a special destination for nightlife with loud music, too. Along with chilled drinks and favorite Greek and international music options, the summer has its own special color in this bar.

Address: 89, Georgiou I Avenue, Potamos Yermasoyias
Contact number: 99 457 541

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