30 venues in Limassol for you to enjoy brunch!

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Brunch has become a beloved habit, offering unique moments of enjoyment, especially on weekend mornings that usually start later in the day. Limassol could not but respond to this trend, offering several options, to satisfy all tastes.

Offering flavors from around the world, juices and coffees, these 30 venues welcome you for the best meal of the day in the city of Limassol.

1. Wolfgang’s Steak House

The steakhouse of international fame has included a tantalizing range of brunch dishes to its menu, inspired by American cuisine which can be enjoyed within an impressive space at the weekends.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 6
Contact number: 70 004515

2. Jam Limassol

Jam is the restaurant of the Old Port hotel, located on the quiet pedestrian street east of the Castle Square. This modern space is an enjoyable option for coffee, brunch, light meals and cocktails.

Address: Demetri Mitropoulou 7 - 9
Contact number: 25 353209

3. The Melting Pot Concept

The Melting Pot Concept is located in one of the most historic streets of Limassol, offering a space with elegant furniture, decorations with vintage references and a menu for special pleasures.

Address: Eleftherias 133
Contact number: 25 109725

4. Stoa Urban Kitchen

Stoa Urban Kitchen offers a menu that features light meals, beloved brunch options, imaginative vegetarian dishes and gourmet options, which are ideally accompanied with coffee and cocktails.

Address: Irinis 148
Contact number: 97 910594

5. Elysian - Plant Based Kitchen Bar

A beautiful place with delicious vegan options for the lovers of healthy food. It offers aromatic coffees, refreshing juices, while all the delicacies of Elysian consist of exclusively local, plant-based ingredients.

Address: Ellados 12
Contact number: 25 434222

6. Amy's Addictions

In an environment that inspires calmness and positivity, with pastel shades, Amy's Addictions offers impressive smoothies, yummy desserts and delicious brunch dishes.

Address: Koumandarias 9
Contact number: 70 001889

7. Sir Paul

A boutique hotel that is housed in a stunning, restored mansion in the historical city center, prepares a delicious weekend brunch menu.

Address: Ifigenias 5
Contact number: 25 755454

8. Alasia Hotel

The Alasia Hotel's weekend brunch has become a beloved option, thanks to its particularly rich menu with interesting flavors and the wonderful space by the pool where you may enjoy it. 

Address: Chaidariou 6
Contact number: 25 332000

9. Ousia

A well-known hangout in the Castle Square offers egg and brioche dishes, as well as healthy brunch options that are perfectly accompanied by the right drinks and cocktails.

Address: Castle Square
Contact number: 25 109040

10. Rooftop Bar (Limassol Agora)

The Rooftop Bar at Limassol Agora serves brunch on weekends, accompanied by views of the historical city center, featuring dishes from its restaurants.

Address: Konstantinou Kanari 47 - 49
Contact number: 25 899545

11. Salut Bar & Grill

One of the most popular all-day café bars in Saripolou Square offers a special brunch menu, with options ranging from classic egg dishes, to dishes with traditional Cypriot flavors, reminiscent of village cuisine.

Address: Saripolou Square 71 – 73
Contact number: 97 692091

12. Mallon Glikis Traditional Coffee Shop

Cozy, relaxed and traditional, Mallon Glikis coffee shop in Saripolou Square offers carefree moments of morning relaxation. It serves an ultimate, traditional breakfast that pairs perfectly with the old town aesthetics.

Address: Saripolou Square
Contact number: 25 355325

13. Ilektrika Idi

An old arcade, with the feel of an old coffee shop and offering imaginative, culinary options (which include well-made sandwiches, fulfilling salads and sweets) as an interesting choice for a meal between breakfast and lunch.

Address: Saripolou Square
Contact number: 25 763503

14. Bakery Kafeneio

Bakery Kafeneio offers an alternative option for brunch, with gourmet and vegetarian delights, ranging from salads, wraps, delicious nutritious bites, dried fruits, to refreshing smoothies and fresh coffees.

Address: Leoforos Archiepiskopou Makariou III 241A, Limassol
Contact number: 25 106881

15. The Shopkeeper & Co

In the transformed space of a traditional coffee shop in Gladstonos street, 2 young people from Limassol created a unique concept store, which offers aromatic coffee and tasty brunch.

Address: Gladstonos 92
Contact number: 25 811146

16. The Cookhouse

With a cozy atmosphere, The Cookhouse perfectly suits the cosmopolitan vibes of the city center. It offers aromatic coffees, juices and delicious brunch dishes that you can enjoy with good company.

Address: Gladstonos 112
Contact number: 25 353434  

17. Veranda

With a warm atmosphere, beautiful decoration and a view of the greenery of the city's Municipal Garden, this hangout is especially loved for its brunch, with a variety of egg dishes, delectable bougatsa and coffee, juices and smoothies.

Address: Olympion 25
Contact number: 25 761801

18. Tasters

A relaxed and comfortable café in the Enaerios area, with a delicious menu that is ideal for breakfast, brunch, and healthy meals. It is a popular choice for meetings with friends, as well as for working on the spacious tables it provides.

Address: Makariou III (Enaerios Area)
Contact number: 70 001188

19. Dear All

On Saturdays, you can visit this beautiful brunch hangout that has classic options such as omelettes, bagel sandwiches and pancakes, as well as healthy alternatives.

Address: Georgiou Karaiskaki 20B
Contact number: 25 353325

20. Diamante Blu

The venue is located above the water, offering magnificent views of the sea and Limassol. The menu features a variety of options for breakfast, with traditional flavors, a vegetarian menu and dishes from foreign cuisines.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 377378

21. Pier One

With an elegant décor and a magnificent view of the sea, Pier One is an exquisite venue for everyday pleasures. In its menu you can find French toast and pancakes, scrambled eggs and healthy breakfast choices.

Address: Old Harbor
Contact number: 25 022375

22. Bar Du Soleil

An all-day bar with views of the Old Port, offering brunch dishes, including various cooking styles of eggs (poached, scrambled, omelettes), which can be accompanied by coffee or delicious cocktails.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 99 393944

23. Cafe Calma

This comfortable venue with a laidback atmosphere and a view of the Limassol Marina is an ideal destination for any hour of the day. Classic brunch lovers can select from its specialized menu and enjoy this midday weekend meal by the sea.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051333

24. Epsilon Resto Bar

You will recognize 'Epsilon' from its characteristic blue balcony, which stands out in the heart of Limassol Marina. The menu features English and Mediterranean breakfast, as well as gourmet and exclusive dishes for brunch on the weekend.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051393

25. Marina Breeze

Comfortable, modern and elegant, it offers delicious brunch with choices ranging from English breakfast, pancakes and rich platters, to chilled juices and fine coffees.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051230

26. Columbia Beach

With an amazing view of the sea, Columbia Beach hosts a varied brunch menu for every taste. The options vary from classic pancakes to waffles and ethnic dishes, while groups of friends can enjoy a 'tower' of treats.

Address: Promachon Eleftherias 6
Contact number: 25 321500

27. Do Wine & Dine

Do Wine & Dine is housed in the Limassol Pearl Building, in the city's coastal area, and boasts a unique offering to satisfy every taste. From pancakes and waffles to delicious egg dishes with smoked salmon, mushrooms and spinach, the venue offers an interesting brunch menu daily.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 50E
Contact number: 25 020056

28. PlusSea

In addition to offering delicious drinks and international cuisine dishes, the comfortable and idyllic environment of PlusSea also serves brunch that can be enjoyed with a view of the sea.

Address: 5 Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 634995

29. Sailor's Rest

Situated next to the St Raphael Resort marina, boasting breathtaking views of the cerulean waters of Limassol, Sailor’s Rest is a venue for unique culinary delights. Its menu includes exciting options for brunch on the weekend.

Address: St Raphael Hotel & Resort
Contact number: 25 834242

30. Illy Caffe

This venue in My Mall Limassol is a destination for relaxation and refueling at all hours of the day. It has also become particularly popular for its brunch options, featuring light dishes with healthy and vegetarian options, all of which make up a rich menu to suit all tastes.

Address: Franklin Roosevelt 285
Contact number: 25 716496