Urban: A new arrival combines old and new in the heart of Limassol!

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Saripolou Street has always been a pole of attraction for the city, though it has undergone many changes over the years. One result of these changes was the restoration and preservation of the area’s old buildings, which were then used to accommodate venues that made the area a hotspot for nights out, fun, and good food. One such new arrival for 2020 follows this same trajectory, with the aim of upgrading the overall image of the area.

The new project presented for the area involves the restoration of a characteristic building on the corner of Saripolou and Athinon streets. The corner building will be configured in a way as to accommodate both residential and commercial areas, as well as dining areas on the ground floor.

As it is an integral piece of Limassol’s urban center, the project has been named Urban, and its design combines features of traditional architecture with the incorporation of contemporary specifications that will allow residents and visitors to enjoy modern-day comforts. Thus, the preserved building is revived in its initial form, with minimal additions to its roof surrounded by reflective surfaces aimed at enhancing the character of the surrounding area.

Urban is one of the projects being promoted by Heart Group, with the goal of utilizing old buildings in the historical center, similar to their other project which will turn an old mansion into a boutique hotel.