Trozena Bridge

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In the area west of Limassol, where the hills divide the district from the neighboring town of Paphos, signs of life are scarce, almost nonexistent. There, a unique bridge has stood for many decades, one of the few elements that remains unchanged in the area.

The impressive, iron bridge, which connects the banks of the stream through which the waters of the Diarizos River flow, continues to serve plenty of people, standing unaltered over the decades. The bridge, constructed during the British colonization using typical British mecahnics, materials and designs (including an iron frame and wooden deck set upon beams), is one of the few bridges of its kind that are still preserved - and in operation.  

Yerovasa – Trozena is a deserted village, 42 km from Limassol, and quite distant from the rest of the villages in the area, such as Arsos, Kissousa or Potamiou. In 1960 the majority of its residents were Turkish Cypriots and, after the conflict, the village was destroyed. The magic of the landscape, and the air of mystery that accompanies the isolation create an overwhelming setting that few usually enjoy. Those who make their way between the villages located in the outskirts of Limassol and Paphos cross this bridge regularly, while there are also those who use it to tour the deserted village.