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Trozena bridge

West to Limassol, on the hills that divide the district from the neighboring Paphos, signs of life are scarce, to none. At the same time, the magic of the location and the air of mystery following the desolation, create a majestic scenery, which, usually, can only be enjoyed by few.

Yerovasa – Trozena is a deserted village, 42 km away from Limassol, quite distant from the rest of the villages in the area, such as Arsos, Kissousa or Potamiou. In 1960 the majority of its residents were Turkish Cypriots and, after the conflict, the village was decimated. The few, old residents were still living there a few decades back, but according to the census of 2011, there no residents anymore.

What still intrigues people’s interest is the impressive, metallic bridge, which connects the banks of the river above which the villages used to prosper. The bridge, built during the British colonization with materials, mechanics and design common to the options the British would choose, is among the few still existing on the island in this form and they are actually in use.

The ones captivated by the image of it, inside the wilderness of the area, or enjoy a trip in the ruins of the village, do not miss a chance to visit it. But, the ones that dare to go a bit further and visit it during the night, with a total lack of artificial lighting, do enjoy a scenery that could only inspire owe and admiration.

Header photo: Yiannis Makriyianni

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