Troodos Hotel: Traditional barbecue in the mountains, in the heart of the pine forest!

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Traditionally, holidays in Cyprus are accompanied by the smell barbecued meat, slowly grilled on charcoal. Whether it’s a national holiday or a just a regular weekend, barbecued meat on the spit and traditional Cypriot dishes are always on the table. Keeping the custom alive, this restaurant in the most central spot on Troodos Mountains makes traditional delicacies for these exact occasions.

The restaurant at Troodos Hotel, with a view of the picturesque square and the green pine forest, ensures that entire area is filled with the smell of grilled meat, making a trip to the mountains twice as delightful. Featuring an open dining area for the summer months, as well as an indoor dining area within the hotel, both of which offer panoramic views of the slopes, this is the ideal place to enjoy a rich buffet or the a la carte menu, for great local and international cuisine options.

The outdoor grilling area, apart from its amazing smell, is also a mouthwatering sight in itself, inevitably whetting the appetite of anyone visiting the Troodos main square for the day. Thus, the combination of fresh air, natural beauty and traditional flavors all work together to create perfect mountainside excursion.

The restaurant also offers meals with a takeaway option, for those who wish to have a picnic in the forest.

Address: Troodos Square, 4800, Troodos
Contact number: 25 420 000