TRAKASOL: The former warehouses that became a seaside events venue!

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Located within a building of unique architectural heritage and historical interest, the TRAKASOL Cultural Center at the Limassol Marina has emerged as a space for hosting a variety of events.

Thanks to its central location as well as its impressive image, featuring high ceilings and traditional stone walls, the building of the former TRAKASOL warehouses hosts dozens of events in Limassol, ranging from entertainment and culture, to exhibitions and conferences.  

Boasting 2 seminar rooms, a 400 square meter main room, a 275 square meter foyer, a cafeteria, and sound and lighting equipment to meet the needs of any event type, this venue can host a variety of events.

From exhibitions and conferences to parties, festivals and receptions, each event is made richer by the special character of the venue itself.


For information:
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25 020020, 95 120258