Apokryfo Traditional Houses (Lofou)

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At the picturesque Lofou village, with the beautiful alleys, paved with stones, one finds an extra reason to look forward to a visit. It is called Apokryfo (meaning: hidden secret) and it is a nostalgic and romantic accommodation option, in a stone built hotel complex, in accordance with the local architecture, decorated with a modern, minimal touch, with plenty of traditional elements.

The wide range of rooms allows the place to host up to 30 people, which makes it an ideal destination for special reservations (group excursions, weddings or other celebrations). The rooms can host 2 — 5 people, sine there are suites, studios, and 2 or 3 bedroom houses available. Several rooms have fireplaces and others have private yards.

Agrino restaurant, found in the hotel, serves dishes from the traditional Cypriot cuisine, with a view to the pool in the middle of the housing complex. The guests can benefit form the Health Club services, enjoying sauna or massages, while there is also a game room at the hotel for fun times with friends.

Extra tip: This place was singled out by an article in Vogue magazine, as one of the most romantic destinations in the wider area of the Middle East (September 2017).

Lofou village is just 26 kilometers outside the Limassol city, in a location with a lot of greens and amazing views. If you are still looking for reasons to visit, check out the large tribute with photos from the village here.

Address: 4716, Lofou, Cyprus
Phone: 25 813 777, 96 475 530
Facebook: Apokryfo Hotel
TripAdvisor: Apokryfo Traditional Houses

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