I Avli tou Themistokli: A tavern with a 100% family atmosphere and homemade food!

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In the picturesque alleyways of Omodos, one will come across 'I Avli tou Themistokli' (Themistokli's Yard), one among many beautiful taverns of the village, which has become renowned for its homemade food and warm hospitality.

This family tavern, which was set up 20+ years ago by a young couple, serves flavors and dishes inspired by the traditions the couple inherited from their grandfather Themistocles.

The menu includes meze dishes that vary by season. Homemade meatballs are among the dishes that are always a hit, and every meal is perfectly accompanied by local wine or Commandaria.

An adored delicacy are the homemade Greek honey balls which are usually offered as dessert.

Address: Panagias Chalkidikis 39
Contact number: 25 422649