The Vouni Collection

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Upon reaching Vouni, you will cross through the cobblestone streets in center of the village, which overflow with climbing plants and multi-colored flowering pots, to find a quiet corner where a complex of country cottages has been created.

These stone-built cottages, with their spacious courtyards fitted with swimming pools, are the perfect way to escape from your daily routine, while at the same time feel at home.

The 2 cottages have each been named according to their particular advantage. Thε Lookout is the one which enjoys a glorious view of the hills surrounding the village, while Hideaway is a more of a cozy nest, tucked away behind the rich foliage of the climbing plants which adorn its walls.

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The Lookout.

Both cottages were built and designed with a lot of love, as well as excellent taste. The décor features earth tones that tie in with the traditional character of the preserved buildings, the white furniture, plus modern amenities ensure that guests enjoy a truly restful stay. Both cottages are fully equipped with state-of-the-art electrical appliances.

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The Hideaway.

Contact number: 99 834719