7 Seas: The venue that made theme parties an institution for Limassol's night life!

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When this venue first begun its course in 2008, the area in which it did open its doors, the historical area of Agiou Andreou Street, was quite different. Attracting people's attention since the very beginning, hosting people of all ages that would choose it for the nights out in the city, it did eventually contribute to the change that brought a new vibe and color in this neighborhood.

It is a venue that has been established during this first decade of its life, as a destination that offers unique experiences to its guests, through theme events and unique parties. 7 seas, a club with a spacious venue, impressive decoration with vibrant colors, dynamic lighting and a large, central bar that becomes the heart of the party, has not ceased to present original parties and events, emphasizing in good, dancing vibes.

During this time, popular, international and local, Djs and performers have been hosted at the club, featuring special, musical events for the people in Limassol. With regular dates during the week, among which the favorite Ladies’ Nights, as well as with regular, annual parties and events for all seasons, 7 Seas has gained a special place in Limassol’ s night life. 

Its menu includes a variety of selected drinks and cocktails, as well as interesting options without alcohol — for the designated drivers. Platters with cold cuts, cheese and fruits become an ideal combination for the drinks of the evening.