The Smuggers: A burger shop with an irresistible menu and an impressive image in Limassol!

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The menu is unique, the location is central and the space is perfectly harmonized with the street style mood. The Smuggers is the new burger shop in the city, which is well-worth becoming an irresistible choice for lunch and dinner.

A wildly tempting range of burgers, fries and other side dishes, delicious sauces and sandwiches, is the first reason to choose it. The second one is the modern dining room, inviting you to enjoy your meal while gazing at the impressive graffiti on the wall.

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Although making a decision whilst looking at the menu may be difficult, you should look out for the Phili Cheese Steak and the playful swingers with burgers and sausages, while it should be noted that burgers are always accompanied by fries.

Address: Platonos 7 (Agia Zoni area)
Contact Number: 95 102781, 25 255355