The school that was hosting exclusively girls, became a school again after 1 century!

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Social Life

At the beginning of the 20th century, after many obstacles and intense resistance, the Girls’ School, a great building devoted to education, was constructed in Limassol. Since then, the building changed its form and identity, creating its own history through the years, while later it left behind the female fragrance and hosted new students (of both sexes), housing the central facilities of CUT, the public university of the city.

The English government didn’t agree with the decision of a new Girls’ School in the last century, while some others expressed their concerns since the building was going to be created next to the Greek Gymnasium of Men. Something like this would have test the strict moral norms of the time, since relationships between young boys and girls were not allowed.

Finally, the Girls’ School became a reality and was enthusiastically inaugurated by the Limassolians in a brilliant ceremony, in 1912, hosting its first-year students. A few decades later, in 1940, the school suffered from a terrible fire that destroyed the roof, the furniture and the school equipment, while in 1954, it was transferred to the building that housed the Females Gymnasium.

The first director of the Girls' School was the vigorous Polyxeni Loizia, one of the leaders of the women's education in Limassol.

Leaving the educational identity, the Girls' School building hosted for some time the Court of the city, as well as other state services, until 2007 when the creation of the Cyprus University of Technology was decided. Housing until now the teaching halls of the university, in the centre of the city, the school became a school again, giving to the memories of the old and new students the same background.

Source of information: Tasos Andreou, "Limassol - Flashback", 2009

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