The Q Projects: A new concept that will make the historical center of Limassol attractive again!

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Armed with much imagination and creativity, a team of professionals from Cyprus and abroad has undertaken the task of transforming buildings from the decades between the 1930s and 1990s past into modern homes and offices, creating the prospective for rejuvenating the city center.

This idea by Aquala Development Group aims to showcase new, functional uses for these buildings. Their inspiration comes from the loft spaces found in the center of Manhattan, where old buildings are preserved and adjusted to modern needs. Without losing the initial character of the buildings, they are enhanced with industrial elements, bold colors, and luxurious details.

The Q Projects which exist on Eleftherias Street, Gladstonos Street, Agiou Andreou, and Anexartisias (traditional shopping streets of the historical center of Limassol), have preserved pieces of the city's past in such a way as to make them attractive to new tenants and visitors. The resonance created by these first reaffirms the project’s success in attracting attention to the city center, without burdening it with new constructions.

The Projects use characteristc gray bricks as their trademark, referencing the traditional buildings of the area while at the same time giving a modern flourish.

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